Welcome to CosyDry.com and our new online store! Please note all cases are not in local inventory and will need to be shipped.

About Cosy Dry Online Store

Born in June 17th 2017 from a desire and need to see better products for Adults and Children in the Gulf Coast region. We are a husband and wife team working together to start a full-time business to support the needs in our community. We are a registered Texas Business, with the goal to grow for your needs and wants.

Our initial distribution offerings are selected products from the amazing RearZ brand. We are opening on a budget but we plan to grow quickly. This store and product offerings are not just for business purposes. CosyDry was also born out of a personal need for us to have access to better products. Dealing with personal needs of all kinds, we understand that we are not the only ones in the community that would like to see needs met in Texas. RearZ is a great addition to the Texas community.

Already we are looking for a store front and warehouse to begin housing bulk orders and selling of products. We are located in South Houston near NASA area - currently an office only but we are still looking for a Store Front we can have open to the public. Texas is our target, and customer service is our goal.

Growing up can be good and bad. With the initial mention of our plans to become a distributor for RearZ Adult and Baby products, demand has already increased.

With needs for better products on a personal and professional level in this region, CosyDry Comfy is here to stay! This will quickly become our full-time job and we will tailor our store to meet your needs. Contact us today with questions!

J & J
 (262) 477-5680

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